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Privacy Policy

The following statement describes the privacy  practices for PMTWorks of NC, LLC, Inc including its divisions and  wholly-owned subsidiaries (PayrollManager Express€ť). This statement is divided into four sections: (1) this introduction, (2) PMTWorks of NC  of NC, LLCs Online Privacy Policy, which addresses the privacy  practices applicable to usage of the PayrollManager Express website,  (3) PMTWorks of NC LLCs SaaS Privacy Policy, which addresses the  privacy practices applicable to information processed by PMTWorks of NC, LLC in its role as a Software As a Service (SaaS€ť) provider and (4)  PMTWorks of NC, LLC€'s General Privacy Provisions, which apply to both  the PMTWorks of NC, LLC website and PMTWorks of NC, LLC€'s role as a SaaS provider.

PMTWorks of NC, LLC respects individual privacy and strives to collect and use personal information in a manner consistent with the laws of the countries in which it does business.  PMTWorks of NC, LLC abides by the Safe Harbor Principles developed by  the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission. More  information about the U.S. Department of Commerce€'s Safe Harbor program  can be found at PMTWorks of NC, LLC also abides by the principles established in  Canada€'s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act  (PIPEDA€ť).

PMTWorks of NC Online Privacy Policy

This Online Privacy Policy covers use  of the site All information disclosed by  visitors is subject to this Privacy Policy. With respect to data  received through its websites, PMTWorks of NC, LLC will comply with the  following:

Types and Uses of Information

PMTWorks of NC, LLC gathers personal  information from site visitors from time to time in order to enhance  existing offerings or provide additional services. The company gathers  only the information essential for understanding visitors in such a way  as to provide better payroll products and services. This may include  contact information such as name, email address, telephone number, and  company name, and perhaps other data.

PMTWorks of NC, LLC also may monitor  customer traffic patterns and site usage to help refine and improve the  design and layout of the website as well as the user experience. As a  result, PMTWorks of NC, LLC automatically tracks certain information  about site visitors. This information includes the usersâ€' browser type,  most recent URL and the next URL that the user visits, regardless of  whether these URLs are on the PMTWorks of NC, LLC website or not.  PMTWorks of NC, LLC also will track visitorsâ€' IP addresses. PMTWorks of  NC, LLC uses this information to, among other things, identify broad  demographic trends that may be used to provide information tailored to  usersâ€' interests.

Any personal information given to us  through our website is used exclusively by PMTWorks of NC, LLC unless  otherwise noted on the site. PMTWorks of NC, LLC does not make this  information available to third parties who trade or rent information for direct marketing purposes.

PMTWorks of NC, LLC does not collect  e-mail addresses without the site visitor voluntarily providing us with  this information (typically via our online information or demo request  form, whitepaper request form, and other website forms and surveys).  PMTWorks of NC, LLC will periodically use that contact information to  send visitors e-mail or other communications for sales, service, support and marketing purposes. Visitors who do not wish to receive marketing  e-mail from PMTWorks of NC, LLC in the future may opt out of receiving  these communications by following the instructions included in each  communication.


PMTWorks of NC, LLC may use both  per-session and persistent cookies to enhance the user experience while  visiting the PMTWorks of NC, LLC website. Cookies are small bits of data stored locally by a browser that saves information and helps the  hosting website identify the user upon subsequent visits. Cookies are  uniquely assigned to the usersâ€' computer and may only be read by a web  server located within the domain that originally issued the cookie.  Cookies generally assist users by performing certain functions such as  saving passwords and personal preferences regarding the sites.

Persistent cookies are stored for a set length of time determined by the web server when it passes the cookie  on to the browser. Persistent cookies are used to store information  between visits to a site.

Per-session cookies are used to store  information only within a session. These cookies are cached only while a user is visiting the web server that issues the per-session cookie.  Per-session cookies are deleted from the cache when the user closes the  session.

Users may have the ability to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but  users can typically modify browser settings to decline all cookies.  Alternatively, users may modify browser settings to provide notification each time a cookie is tendered, permitting the user to accept or  decline cookies on an individual basis. If a user chooses to decline  cookies, however, it may hinder performance and negatively impact the  user experience on PMTWorks of NC, LLCâ€'s website, and ultimately, the  use of any hosted compensation and talent management software.

Disclosure to PMTWorks of NC, LLC partners

PMTWorks of NC, LLC does not provide  detailed information about individual site visits, nor the information  users provide, to outside companies without usersâ€' permission. PMTWorks  of NC, LLC may share aggregated information about the use of this site  to companies with which PMTWorks of NC, LLC has business relationships.  This usage information, such as numbers and frequency of visits, is used with the goal of providing the best possible web experience.

PMTWorks of NC, LLC, Inc. SaaS Privacy Policy

PMTWorks of NC, LLC is a provider of  Software As a Service (“SaaS”). As a SaaS provider, PMTWorks of NC, LLC  provides its customers with a suite of payroll and Human Resource  solutions that provide organizations with more efficient and effective  means to process payroll.

PMTWorks of NC, LLC serves as a data  processor for the clients who use PMTWorks of NC, LLCâ€'s products.  Customers of PMTWorks of NC, LLCâ€'s hosted payroll solutions fill the  role of data controller. PMTWorks of NC, LLC maintains only that  information which its customers have asked it to process and processes  it only upon, and in accordance with, the customerâ€'s direction and  instructions. This SaaS Privacy Policy does not reflect the privacy  practices of PMTWorks of NC, LLCâ€'s customers, and PMTWorks of NC, LLC is not responsible for its customersâ€' privacy policies or practices.  PMTWorks of NC, LLC does not review, comment upon or monitor its  customersâ€' compliance with their respective privacy policies, nor does  PMTWorks of NC, LLC review its customer instructions to determine  whether they are in compliance with or conflict with the terms of a  customerâ€'s published privacy policy.

This SaaS Privacy Policy applies only  to the transfer of personally identifiable information (“Personal  Information”) received by PMTWorks of NC, LLC in any format through its  hosted solutions, whether supplied directly by PMTWorks of NC, LLC  customers or by employees or users of the hosted solutions anywhere in  the world, including transfers from the European Union and Canada to the United States. With respect to data received through its hosted  solutions, PMTWorks of NC, LLC will comply with the following:

Notice/Use of Personal Information

PMTWorks of NC, LLC supports a hosted  system, where it collects Personal Information including but not limited to customersâ€' organizational data (salary and compensation figures job  codes, reporting relationships), employee data (specific identifying  information such as name, email/physical address, current/previous base  salary,, gender, ethnicity,, picture, and other demographical  information), and other data required to provide payroll and HR services for customers and their employees. PMTWorks of NC, LLC operates as a  data processor for its customers. PMTWorks of NC, LLC maintains only the Personal Information which its customers have asked PMTWorks of NC, LLC to process and processes it only upon, and in accordance with, the  customerâ€'s direction and instructions. It is the responsibility of the  customer to ensure that the data the customer collects and later gives  to PMTWorks of NC; LLC can be legally collected and disclosed in the  country of origin. The PMTWorks of NC, LLC customer is responsible for  giving its employees and users the appropriate level of notification  that Personal Information is being collected and maintained. The  PMTWorks of NC, LLC customer also is responsible for ensuring the  security of any method used by the customer to provide Personal  Information to PMTWorks of NC, LLC if through means other than the  hosted solution.

Onward Transfer

PMTWorks of NC, LLC has developed  global data practices designed to ensure that Personal Information is  appropriately protected. While PMTWorks of NC, LLCâ€'s primary data  centers are in the United States, Personal Information may be  transferred to our offices in other countries. PMTWorks of NC, LLC also  may contract with third-party providers to perform certain functions on  our behalf or to enhance our existing product and service offerings.  Examples include providing financial transaction, product and service  support. If PMTWorks of NC, LLC discloses Personal Information to a  third party or to our employees outside of the United States, PMTWorks  of NC, LLC will ensure adequate protection of such Personal Information. Third parties will have access to your Personal Information only to the extent necessary to permit them to do their jobs; however, they are  bound by confidentiality agreements before any information is provided  to them and are restricted from using the information for other  purposes.

PMTWorks of NC General Privacy Provisions

These General Privacy Provisions apply  to both PMTWorks of NC, LLCâ€'s website and its hosted solutions  applications. All information disclosed by site visitors, customers and  other individuals or organizations is subject to these provisions. With  respect to data received through PMTWorks of NC, LLCâ€'s website and its  hosted solutions, PMTWorks of NC, LLC will comply with the following:

Data Integrity and Access to Data

PMTWorks of NC, LLC will take  reasonable steps to ensure that Personal Information is accurate,  complete and current to its intended use. PMTWorks of NC, LLC will only  use Personal Information in ways that are compatible for the purposes  for which it was collected or subsequently authorized by the user.

PMTWorks of NC, LLC provides users with reasonable access to Personal Information that they provide to us as  well as the ability to review and correct such information. In addition, to protect usersâ€' privacy and security, PMTWorks of NC, LLC takes  reasonable steps to verify user identity before granting access to  Personal Information. PMTWorks of NC, LLC may limit or deny access to  Personal Information where providing such access would be unreasonably  burdensome or expensive in the circumstances.


To prevent unauthorized access or  disclosure, to maintain data accuracy, to allow only the appropriate  exercise of usersâ€' Personal Information while also protecting the  confidentiality, integrity and availability of usersâ€' Personal  Information, PMTWorks of NC, LLC employs a variety of industry standard  security technologies. Security is provided on the data, application and hosting level. The security infrastructure includes a physically secure data center, proven firewall protection, intrusion prevention measures, SSL encryption of all data in transit, role based authorization and  additional proprietary security measures. Communication to PMTWorks of  NC, LLC servers from a client computer is achieved through an SSL  connection. This ensures data, including Personal Information, is  encrypted when transferred over the Internet. PMTWorks of NC, LLC  provides further user-based security configured specifically for the  individual clientâ€'s needs. For example, as a PayrollManager Express  subscriber, the client will be able to specify levels of user security,  including: domain-limited access (access only from the clientâ€'s proxy  server), password configuration (length, letters, numbers, etc.) and  automatic password expiration.

PMTWorks of NC, LLC limits access to  usersâ€' Personal Information and data to those persons who have a  specific business purpose for maintaining and processing such  information. PMTWorks of NC, LLCâ€'s employees who have access to usersâ€'  Personal Information will be made aware of their responsibilities to  protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of that  information and have been provided training and instruction on how to do so.


PMTWorks of NC, LLC has a Privacy  Officer who is responsible for PMTWorks of NC, LLCâ€'s compliance with and enforcement of this Policy. PMTWorks of NC, LLCâ€'s Privacy Officer is  available to any of its employees, customers, vendors, business partners or others who may have questions concerning this Policy or data  security policies. PMTWorks of NC, LLCâ€'s Privacy Officer may be  contacted by email at payrollmanagerexpress@PMTWorks of or by mail at PMTWorks of NC, LLC. If users have questions or concerns  regarding this policy, they should contact PMTWorks of NC, LLCâ€'s Privacy Officer before filing any formal complaints with the Better Business  Bureau or any other applicable organizations.

Safe Harbor

PMTWorks of NC, LLC adheres to the Safe Harbor privacy framework developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce  in consultation with the European Commissionâ€'s Directive on Data  Protection on the transfer of Personal Information from European Union  member countries to the United States. The Safe Harbor privacy  principles are notice, choice, onward transfer, access, security, data  integrity and enforcement. More information about the U.S. Department of Commerceâ€'s Safe Harbor program can be found at

Canada Privacy Principles

PMTWorks of NC, LLC abides by the  principles established in Canadaâ€'s Personal Information Protection and  Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”). The PIPEDA principles are:

  • accountability/compliance with the principles
  • identification of the purposes/reasons for collecting the personal information
  • consent to the collection of the personal information
  • limiting the collection to only what is necessary in order to achieve the desired tasks
  • limiting the use, disclosure and retention of the personal information
  • maintaining accurate data
  • safeguarding data with appropriate security policies
  • making policies easily available to employees and customers

Notification of Privacy Policy Changes/Choice

PMTWorks of NC, LLC reserves the right  to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this Policy at any time.  All changes will be posted on this page to inform our users what  information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if  any, we may disclose it. We may e-mail periodic reminders of our notices and conditions, unless you have instructed us not to, but you should  check frequently to see recent changes.  Unless stated otherwise, our current privacy notice applies to all  information that we have about you and your account. We will not  materially change our policies and practices to make them less  protective of personal information collected in the past without the  consent of affected users.

Legal Disclaimer

PMTWorks of NC, LLC may disclose  Personal Information when required by law or in the good faith belief  that such action is necessary in order to conform to the edicts of the  law, comply with legal mandates, enforce the terms of use of PMTWorks of NC, LLC;s website, enforce agreement between PMTWorks of NC, LLC and  its customers or to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of  PMTWorks of NC, LLC, its users and the public.

Contacting PMTWorks of NC

If you have any questions about this  privacy policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this  site, please send correspondence to the following address.

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