Payroll Manager Express
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Forms to Get Started

Information About Your Company and Employees

You can enroll online or submit these forms to your Payroll Enrollment Concierge.


We’ll need the following information to help you get started:

  1. Employer Form
    To help us ensure your business data is perfect!
  2. Employee Form
    To simplify your employee set up
    Employee Data may also be imported through a
    customized spreadsheet. Please ask for details.
  3. Employee Change Form
    To notify us of employee changes
  4. Check Printing / Logo Form
    To print checks with your company information and logo on them
  5. Employer Bank Change Form
    In case you change your business banking
  6. PTO Set-Up Form
    To help us ensure your PTO is just the way you want it!
  7. Agency Payment Set-Up Form
    To have us make garnishment and Agency Payments for you!

Fax the Completed forms to your Payroll Enrollment Concierge at: 1-781-851-8491 or Enroll Online Now

Helpful Payroll Forms

SS-4 Form
Application for Federal Employer Identification Number

I-9 Form
Employment Eligibility Verification

W-4 Form
Tax Withholding Information for Employees


Information and Links for Payroll

Find regulations and detailed information from Federal and State Taxing Jurisdictions