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  • Why Us

    The success of your business is first and foremost on our minds. A significant portion of our job is to LISTEN and understand your needs and requirements. We have the intellectual capital, product and service knowledge and corporate commitment to support all your employer and employee administrative needs.

    Commitment to Customer Service
    Our customer base is absolutely our most strategic and valued asset. Our company is built on the philosophy of providing dedicated, professional and consistent service in the pursuit of customer satisfaction and long-term relationships. We strive to prove our commitment each and every day through our actions of providing accurate, quick and thorough responses to customer's requests in an individualized and friendly manner.

  • Why Outsource Payroll
  • Basic Services

    Q: Do I automatically get Tax Filing Services with my payroll?
    A: Yes. No-Touch Tax Filing is included with basic payroll processing services.

    Q: Do I pay extra so my employees can get their paystubs online?
    A: Employee Self Service is a free part of our service. It’s a real help to any employee.

    Q: Do you offer General Ledger (G/L) export?
    A: Yes. We offer standard QuickBooks export and support other formats as well via CSV & Excel.

    Q: Do you offer online PDF reports?
    A: Yes. We offer a standard report package available in PDF. We also offer ad hoc reports that can be saved or exported in Excel.

    Q: Will you produce W-2’s for my firm even if we have not used your service for the entire year?
    A: Yes.

  • Payroll Processing
  • Deduction/Benefit Management
  • Billing and Banking Information